Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 2...Getting to Know Kiev

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn’t post about our day yesterday but.....we have been very busy exploring and taking in every part of this amazing city!! I can already say that any homesickness I had is gone. However I am missing Ryan like crazy, but knowing he is in VERY good hands with our family and close friends makes it soo much easier to relax!! Our apartment here is wonderful and very simple and I love it!! One of the best perks is David and I are sharing the apartment with Beth and Lee and having them here is like having piece of home with us, and we couldn’t ask for better roommates! 
Yesterday was our second day here and what a fun day it was! We started our morning out with a warm cup of coffee and tea at a local coffee house, people watching and watching the snow flurries come down. Which Beth and I were heaven with the snow.....and this  is when we knew we were true California girls....while everyone else was fussing over the cold and snow we were loving every second of it!!:) After coffee we meet up with Eugene and he gave us a walking tour of our local area. He showed us where we get on the metro when we start going to and from the orphanage. He also took us grocery shopping which was a different experience but still fun none the less. After spending the day walking around this beautiful city I can see why every family that has stayed here for their adoption wants to come back. I’m sure we’ll be day!:) After all our exciting walking we took a nice nap and then headed back out to the Ukrainian Buffet everyone talks before I go into details about our meal I need to remind you that I am the world’s pickiest eater so I was and still am a little hesitant about trying things out of my comfort zone...ok so about our meal.....David and Lee were in absolute heaven with all the fun choices...but Beth and I not so much! I did try a bite of a cheese pancake thing and it was not my cup of tea which lead me to turn my fork to trying food off of David’s plate and I LOVED the Varenyky....which is a ravioli type dish stuffed with all kinds of different things like meat, cabbage, cherries....ours had meat and they were DELICIOUS!!!! David also had a fried breaded pork thingy and that too was delicious. So I am taking VERY small baby steps and Mom you would be so proud of me!!:) After our interesting meal we headed back and hung out at the apartment for the rest of the evening. Since we have been here I have loved begin able to do facetime with Ryan, our parents  and some close friends. The technology we have at our finger tips is absolutely amazing. 
So that is just about it....I would say our first full day in country has been a success and we are getting more and more comfortable by the day!:) Tonight I’ll post about today's events and add more pictures for everyone to see!!

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