Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another Rainy Day.....

Well today is day three of not being able to visit our little guy....he has had a fever for the past few days and the director just wants him to rest and get well. As much as it stinks to not be able to hang out and play with our little guy, we are totally fine with him getting rest and getting well. We also know he’s not the only one sick, our facilitator called the director to see if we could visit this afternoon and he informed her that he was still under the weather as well as a few other kids in his groupa are sick too.... So for right now David and I are just hanging out and enjoying the relaxation of having nothing to do. Once we get back home we will both be hitting the ground running, so getting a little time to relax is just fine with us! Hopefully tomorrow we get see our little guy and spend some time together before David goes home next week! So please say a little prayer, cross your fingers, or just keep us in your thoughts that tomorrow we can start visiting our little guy again! 
We hope everyone is having a great week and hopefully tomorrow there will be a post with pictures from our afternoon visit tomorrow!! 

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  1. so sorry little man is sick. too bad they won't let you be there to give him some tlc.. but soon! :)