Saturday, April 14, 2012

Things that make me laugh a little...

Hi everyone! So for this blog post I decided to switch it up and do a little blog on the things that make me laugh here in Ukraine! So enjoy the pictures and hopefully you’ll get a little laugh out of it too!!:)

 We were told that ALF was a big show over here about 5-6 years ago....this made me laugh since it was big for us back in states about 15 years ago!!:) 

It’s a mobile Dunkin’ Donuts!!!!.....Ok, ok, I know it’s not Dunkin’ Donuts but the colors match and that's what it reminded me of!

 This firetruck was going about 10...maybe 15 M.P.H. with its lights on.!!
 I hope no one was in real trouble! 

 Seeing the tractor roll through town made me feel like I was back home for a minute!:)

 There really are no parking lots people just park on the sidewalk and pack their cars in tightly!! 

 Even Ukraine has an energy drink it’s the Non-Stop Energy Drink truck instead of Red Bull!!:) 

Oops......this is what happens when you fail to follow traffic laws...the drivers here are CRAZY (and that’s putting it nicely)!!!!

I have no words except.....Welcome to Ukraine!!!

Please don’t be fooled by these pictures above and below this writting...I was NOT excited about this rat picking me out of our group of 4 to take a picture with it!! If we were at Disneyland it would have been no biggy, but here these people dress up as random characters and stroll around the square waiting for people to take pictures with them. I DID NOT ask and was TOTALLY grossed out by this.......but everyone (David, Lee and Beth) seemed to think it was hilarious...hopefully all of you will too! 

That’s it for now folks. I hope you liked the pictures and i’ll update our blog later about our visits with our little guy. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend...I’m off to take a nap before we head out for a fun evening at a professional futbol (soccer) game!!:)


  1. Love all these pictures! Slightly hilarious that that chick is wearing a Denny's skirt :) I wonder if she knows...?!

    Have fun at the soccer game!!! Wish we would have done that!!

  2. Wonder where I can get a Denny's skirt, and a plushy costume! LOL That's so awesome. Heheeheee!

  3. That soccer game looked like great fun! I hope we have a chance to do that. about the person in the rat costume. It made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck because, seriously, all through my life, I've been targeted by those costumed people. Disneyworld, amusement parks, college sports games, it doesn't matter. When we were at the hospital for my son's heart surgery, the Chik-Fil-A cow was there, giving out little stuffed cows. We wanted one for our son's bed, but no way was I going to go stand by that cow!! I made my husband do it. ;)

    In about 3-4 months, you will probably be seeing similar photos of me like you, looking totally grossed out and not impressed. I think I need to practice my scowl or something so they will back off! LOL