Monday, April 30, 2012


15 15 days I will be surrounded by the loves of my life, my husband and 15 days I will be sleeping in my own 15 days I can take a shower in the comfort of my own 15 days I will be able drive my car to Target (or wherever I would like to go) 15 days I will have a closet full of clothes to choose from and not just 3 shirts and a pair a of jeans to rotate 15 days I will be making Ryan’s lunch for school and loving 15 days I can go to Starbucks and order the biggest black ice tea 15 days I will be able to drink water from the tap 15 days I will be back in a country where I can understand the 15 days lives will be changed forever....... All of these statements are so true and I could be sitting here dwelling on them for the next 15 days, but I’m not...... You see in 15 days I will board a plane to American with our son and he will become an American citizen and his life will be changed forever (and so will ours).... So even though there are many comforts of home I am looking forward to upon our return...the biggest and most grand thing I am excited about is our son Mykhaylo Aaron Chellson will finally know the true meaning of a family....he learn just how many people are at home patiently waiting to meet him....he will finally know what love from a mommy and daddy feels like....and he will know what its like to have a mommy sing him to sleep...he will know what it’s like to have mommy’s magic kiss for making his boo-boo’s to feel better....he will know what it means to have a daddy who kisses him good morning/night everyday....he will learn how to wrestle with tough guys in the house......he will know what it’s like to have a big brother look out for him and love him unconditionally...he will learn how to play baseball from one of the best big brothers around(according to Ryan) just 15 short days a door will close on the life Mykhaylo has known for the last 3 years and we will say goodbye to his wonderful orphanage and this beautiful country that has allowed us to be named his you see in 15 days we will be beginning a whole new adventure in this adoption journey.....The road to get here has been long and filled with surprises but I wouldn’t change a thing about any of it....So even though I miss my comforts of home I am so truly humbled by this journey and so very excited about the journey we are about to travel on once we arrive home!!:) 
Ok now that I have rambled on about the next 15 days....please enjoy some pictures of our beautiful boy from the last few days!:)

They went from winter hats and coats to fishing hats and shorts...all within a day!!

Couldn’t help but take a self picture of us while I was visiting!!:)

His smile lights up the room...ok we were really outside but you know what I mean!!;)

Sitting on the bench like the big boys do!!:)

He LOVES this A.L.F stuffed animal....

PLaying with A.L.F.....I think this is one of my favorite pictures!!:)

Again..he LOVES A.L.F....

Having a quiet moment with another stuffed animal!

No shelf in our house will be safe..he LOVES to empty eveything off of it....hhhhmmmm...kind of sound like another son of mine!!:)


  1. Is that the creepy green alligator that talks in Russian?! Or was that the dragon?! Either way, it totally creeped us out while we were there. We made up scary things that it might be saying :)

    15 days.....LOVE IT!!!! Before you know it, Mykhaylo will be walking out of his OLD life and into his NEW one!!

    1. It is an alligator but I think it is the one from the movie Princess and the Frog and it doesn't talk....but there are MANY other creepy animals that talk...the other ones that creep me out are the huge/life size stuffed animals they have sitting around the room....can't say I will miss those when we are home!!:)

  2. I pray 15 days go the pics wingman :)

  3. I love that big Alf too! If I could have figured out how to get it home I would've!! :) And I even think Joel would have let me ;)

  4. He's just soooo beautiful Melissa. I'm so so so so proud of you and happy for you and most of all for little Aaron. What a blessing he is and what a blessing you are to him. LOVE!!!!!!

  5. I've been following your wonderful journey and look forward to your homecoming! It will be soon!