Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 3...Another Fun Adventure!!

Hi everyone! Well day 3 is in the books and it was another amazing day!! We had our appointment yesterday to request a referral to go see Aaron at 9a.m. and it was quick, easy and painless. I didn’t think I was going to be nervous but for some reason my nerves kicked into high gear in the middle of the night and it turned out is was all for nothing. We arrived with another family and had to wait about 25/30 minutes…we were then ushered into a side entrance of the building and asked to wait again. After a quick minute they told us to follow Serge (one of the facilitators for Reece’s Rainbow) up the stairs…he lead us into one room and the other family into another connecting room. As we sat and waited, we were asked to prepare our passports. We set our passports on the table and waited for our next set of instructions…..Serge came into our room and was handed Aaron’s profile, he began to translate the file to us…..he informed us that he had a syndrome of Down’s…which made me giggle from the way he said it…..then he let us know about some of his heart conditions, which we were prepared for, and then went into some of his families information. We also were able to see three….that right I said THREE new pictures of him….one was a baby picture and it made our hearts melt, another he looked to be about one and the next I’m guessing was when he was 2….I’m think it’s one for every. We also found out his birthday and information about his birth…this part was little tricky since we were having to kind of us sign language with our social services worker who was left to explain the rest of information. All of this took maybe 10 minutes, I think we did more waiting then we did talking. After our appointment we rushed back to our apartment to fill Beth and Lee in on what happened for us and let them know it wasn’t as stressful as we’ve seen it made out to be. Their appointment went smoothly and they were able to see a picture of their precious little Olivia which they had never seen! So now we all go and pick up our referrals in the late afternoon today and then bright and early Wednesday morning we go meet our babies!!!! All four of us are so excited but I just know the anticipation of Wednesday is going to drag out tomorrow, but the wait will be worth it I just know it!!:)
So now that I have written a short novel I have to say that the above all took place within an hour and a half of our morning…..which left us with the whole day ahead. So we decided it would be wise to ride the metro and go scout out the orphanage before we start doing this on our own. Well, it was a very interesting adventure to say the least and a VERY cold one at that. As we got on the metro my excitement grew because for the first time I felt like a real city person….growing up in the suburbs doesn’t leave a lot of chances to ride on a subway, so this was just so awesome to me….before we left we received directions from friends and even with the guide of the directions was got a little turned around! David finally asked an English speaking kid where the streets were he pointed us in the right direction. As we walked the weather decided to go from sleet to snow to rain which if hadn’t been for the drive we all had to go see the orphanage I would have turned around gotten right back on the metro! But we kept walking and finally we found it!!! It was everything I thought it would be…and our little boy was sitting right inside the buildings on the other side of the gates and it made this mama want to just rush through them and snatch him up. But I didn’t…Wednesday will be here before you know it and I can handle the wait (I hope).

After that fun adventure Beth and I decided it was time have a taste of home for a late lunch/early dinner at Fridays…this seems to be the stomping grounds for all the adopting families and the food was DELICIOUS!!! Maybe it was because our meal the day before kind of left Beth and I down or maybe it was because we were just really hungry, but whatever it was the food melted in our mouths and we all cleared our plates!! This city really is rooting its way into my heart and I love every minute of it, and the best part is I have David, my best friend and love of my life, with me!! The added bonus is being able to experience all of this with Beth and Lee…and I am so thankful for all of this!:)

Well, now that it’s 3:00am here and I wide awake thanks to my 6+ hour nap earlier (yes, jet lag finally showed its ugly face) and I will leave you with some photos from our day…as I am off to try and get another few hours of sleep!!:)

Waiting outside the DAP/SDA with the Rowe Family for our appointments...and yes it was FREEZING!!!
The loooong escalator down to the metro…
Beth and I walking to the orphanage…
The first sight of the orphanage!!
The sign says it all to us!! And the gates lead into our little guys world for the last 3 years!!
A peek at the outside play areas…
The sign that hangs outside on the wall of the orphanage….simple but so beautiful to me!!:)
Finally Fridays!!!
And the final picture from today and certainly NOT the last picture of food you'll be seeing…Beth’s yummy burger!!!:)

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