Monday, April 9, 2012

Playing catch up...

Hello everyone....once again I am so so sorry for not staying on top of my blog posts. Since we started our visits on Thursday we have been going to and from the orphanage twice a day and it’s almost an hour trip one needless to say by the end of the day we are beat. And between the orphanage and homework I have been slacking on the blog. But hopefully after tomorrow I’ll be caught up and backing to blogging at the end of everyday!:)
The rest of last week was great...we did our visits and had a blast getting to see “Aaron” come out of his shell more and more. We can see that once he is home with us and in a environment with LOTS of love and affection he is going to just blossom! During our first visit we were told that he is a quite and content little boy....but after spending just 4 days visiting with him we can tell he is more then just quite and content...he has a silly side just waiting to come out. we’ve seen little glimpses of it and we are really looking forward to what life is going to be like once we get home. Each visit is pretty much the same....we pick him up and then head down stairs to the playroom where get to just play and hang out with him and enjoy him. In the afternoons we are joined by the Herrington’s while they visit with sweet little Ol-yah (a.k.a. Olivia)...who is such a doll! So all in all everything at the orphanage is going great!:)
This past weekend we went to church on Easter which put me in a homesick kind of mood.....but let me tell you this Catholic church we went to was BEAUTIFUL!!!! The mass was a done in english and was was a little different then what I’m use to but I just did what the crowd did and tried to fit in as best as we could. Sunday was the only day we have missed visits one because of church and the other because it was POURING buckets and their was no way we would have made it to the orphanage with any type of dry we decided to stay in and stay dry. And that has pretty much been our last 4 days!:)

We hope everyone back in the states had a wonderful Easter Sunday celebrating with their loved ones and we miss you all!!!
Here are some pictures I know you all have been waiting for!!:) More walking...
Being silly with Daddy!
Walking (kind of) with mommy...

More walking...

Concentrating hard while playing with his truck!!


  1. He is sooooooo cute! Will you guys be going after any more children when you get back? How about baby Nicky in the down syndrome boy ages 3-5. He is sooooo cute.