Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year....and an exciting little update!:)

Happy New Year Everyone!! I know I am few hours early but I can honestly say I’m not sure if I’ll make it to midnight….so I’m saying it a little early!:) I am amazed at how fast this past year has gone and I am even more excited about what 2012 holds for our family. We have been truly blessed with all the support of our friends and family during our adoption process so far and I hope it continues long after our sweet boy is home.
With that note I want to update all of you on our current adoption status! We were able get over a HUGE road bump this past week and got our much need county assessor letter done! WooooHoooo!! This has by far been one of the hardest pieces to get for our adoption. I have taken a couple of trips to the assessors office and made many phone calls and each time I was told they can’t make a letter up for us and if we need it we should look into getting a lawyer to help us get this letter! Yes, I’m totally serious they said we needed a lawyer! Well little did these people know that when I really want something I will do whatever it takes to get it and being told no just made me soo much determined to get it done!! After spending two plus hours in the county building going up and down to three different floors, visiting four different departments, talking to seven different people, shedding a few tears and bribing my son with treats if he can wait nicely, I am proud to say we have our letter done!!! It has been approved by our state-side helper and by the team in the country we are adopting from! I feel so proud of myself and wanted to walk back in to the assessors office and show all the people who told me no what this girl can get accomplished!! But I didn’t…I thought about it but after two plus hours in the county building I just wanted out!! So now that that is done all that’s left is redoing our medical paperwork…again…and getting David’s employment letters done! We have some other paperwork that requires just or signatures and that is it! So I am pretty sure that I can honestly say that we should be finished with our dossier within the next 10 days!! That’s right everyone…I said 10 DAYS!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOO….we are so close to finishing our dossier I can’t believe it!! Our BIG hope is to have everything apostilled and headed over seas in about 2 weeks!! It’s crazy to think that just 7 months ago we were thinking and just looking into adopting and now we are soo close to getting our boy home I can barely stand it!! It’s all so exciting and scary but soooooo worth every second of every emotion we have felt over the last 7 months!!:)

Thank you again to everyone who has shown us love and support throughout this process, we hope it will continue into the New Year!! And we would like wish all our readers a very Happy New Year and we hope that 2012 brings you love and happiness all through the year!:)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

What a difference a year makes!

“What a difference a year can make.” This is a saying I have said many of times but this time I am truly amazed about what a difference a year has made for us. This time last year we were looking into expanding our family with help the of fertility treatments. We experienced much heartache during that time and questions of why? Why us, why could we have one child but now we can’t have another, why aren’t these treatments working? Adoption had always been talked about between David and I and had never really been much more then just talk; but after a few months of unsuccessful tries with fertility treatments I thought maybe I should look further into adoption. And after doing some digging and TONS of research we knew exactly that a new addition to our family would be coming via adoption! We didn’t start the process until late spring/early summer and have been hard at work trying to bring our boy home ever since! So that brings us to today, its three days until Christmas and we are amazed at what a difference a year can make. These last few months have been stressful and amazing all at once and everyday we keep getting closer to bringing our sweet boy home. I’m sure we will be repeating our words next year at this time when we have our son home and celebrating his first Christmas with his us. But for now we are really amazed at how much our year has changed us from then to now!

Now for a little preholiday adoption update! We were hoping to have our dossier done and off to Aaron’s country by now. But that is not the case, we’ve hit a little road bump with some paperwork but we hope to have it fixed and put behind us next week sometime!:) Which means (fingers crossed tightly) that we hope to have our dossier done within the first few weeks of January!! So please say an extra little prayer that we can get over this road bump next week, so we can finally say we are in the home stretch to getting our boy home!!:)

We wish you all the happiest of holidays and hope that your 2012 is filled with as much joy and love as ours promises to be filled with!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stopping by to say HI!

Hi everyone! I just want to stop in and say Hi! Things are CRAZY busy around our house. I am in the thick of finals and won’t be able to take a breather until Thursday evening after my geology final! So for the next four days we will be putting adoption paperwork on hold and I will begin working on it again on Friday. So I will fill you in with all things adoption next weekend once the craziness of finals is over! However real quick I wanted to remind you to PLEASE check out our fundraiser page. We have many fundraisers going on right now and need all the help we can get to bring our little guy home!!

Hope you all have a great week and will update you as soon as finals are over!!:)