Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Futbol..Colds...and LOTS of pictures....

Hello again everyone!! So I am again sorry for totally slacking on the blogging. This last few days have been a little slow going. I experienced my first professional futbol game and I must say I am officially a soccer fan!! We only got to watch the last half of the game because the ticket line was CRAZY long and took FOREVER but the wait was so worth it!! Here are some pictures of the game....

 Here is the amazingly huge and beautiful stadium 

 This is the view of the ticket lines as we walked up...crazy long and full of TONS of ticket scalpers!

 This section had super cheap tickets and we didn’t know why until we got inside and we quickly figured out why...it’s where all the SUPER enthusiastic fans sit!!

A picture of of the actual game... 

A different picture of the same crazy fans but this time they all had their signs and scarfs waving.... 

The other crazy fans across the stadium who set off flares and almost started a small fire!!!

And finally no soccer game is complete without fans running onto the field only to be tackled by security...I’m being totally honest when I saw this was so AWESOME!!!:)

  So as you can see the game was absolutely wild but sooooo.... fun!! And the crazy part was the stadium was only a 1/4 full...it can hold 80,000 fans, and it was nowhere near sold out which makes me wonder what a sold out game looks like! We will definitely be attending more futbol games when we get home!!:) As much fun as the game was I could tell I was coming down with a head cold, by the time the game was over my nose was running like crazy and I was sneezing up a storm...so I spent most of the rest of the weekend in bed taking some Ukrainian cold meds and watching movies on my computer. 
  Sunday was Ukraine's Easter so it was a fairly quiet around our neighborhood and I only got out of bed to go to our visit Sunday since I spent the whole morning and afternoon sleeping and was feeling better and was missing our sweet little guy. Monday was a typical day of a visit and doing homework for me and celebrating Beth’s birthday.. 
  Today I think has been the hardest day for me yet....we arrived at the orphanage around 9:45am to find the nanny and doctor/nurse (not sure if she was a Dr or nurse) talking near “Aaron” in the playroom for his groupa...and I immediately new we were not getting our morning visit in. (The last few days he’s felt warm when we’ve had him and hasn’t been as playful as usual so I have been expecting this.) So the nanny who is so sweet wrote down “T” with a degree sign and then an arrow pointing up to let us know his temperature was up. So we asked if we should call before we came for our afternoon visit and she said yes. So long story short we asked our facilitator to call for us and she was told by the director of the orphanage that he wanted “Aaron” to rest for the rest of the day.. Which is what made it so hard, normally at home if Ryan isn’t feeling good we'll lay on the couch and snuggle and just hang out and today that’s what I wanted to do with our little guy but since he’s not “officially” ours I don’t have a say in getting to snuggle.....So today instead of our visits we did a little bit more exploring off of another metro stop and then hung out at the apartment. 
  I know you all are waiting for some fun stories about our visits but the last few days have been kind of quite and boring...sorry no exciting stories today..hopefully I’ll have some tomorrow if we can visit our little guy. But before I go here are some pictures of Saturday's visit!! Sunday and Monday pictures are still on our camera!!:)

               Books and Blocks...what more does a boy need..?? 

           Giving loves to the picture book we brought for him...

    Playing with the little fox stuffed animal we found in the room..

          Playing with daddy and the fox toy...love his little smile!!

    Holding tight to the fox..he was loving on it!!

I know you can't see it but he has a HUGE smile and is laughing at daddy.....have I said how much we love this kid!!!!:)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! More posts coming soon!!!!:)


  1. Thanks for the update! I hope you and your little guy get to feeling better. It's probably alot like pre-school where the kids are all exposed to one another they pass around the fevers and such!

    Take care and your little guy is adorable. He does have a great smile!



  2. Pssst! Stop apologizing!! You are doing an amazing job sharing your journey. :) We love you and are happy to have the updates whenever you can get to them!!! xoxoxo