Saturday, February 7, 2015

Update Time

Why, hello there….soooooo… as you can see this post is about 6 months over due….Life has been so busy, it’s wonderful and crazy and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! In my last post I talked about going to court and being named parents to our little girl “Baby C”…Well good news we passed court on August 14th and brought out sweet girl home September 4th!!! I know I had promised a name announcement for “Baby C” so without further waiting here is:

Madeline Amelia Chellson

This little girl is awesome!!!….She has grown so much since being home and continues to show us what she's got on a daily basis. She is sitting up, army crawling like nobodies business, and working on pulling to a stand, as well as, wrapping us around her little fingers on a daily basis. She has learned how to fake cry for attention, which makes me laugh every time she does it, she is talking up a storm and we will hopefully have some speech therapy going in the next few weeks….The last few months have been filled with lots and lots of family time for us and in the new year we’ll be working on getting her to meet more of our friends but for right now we are adjusting and enjoying our family of 5!! 

I would love to write this long recap of our last few months but honestly I’m not sure I can totally remember…I can say life is good and my heart is filled with loads of love, laughter and happiness on a daily basis. In exchange for a not so lengthy recap, here are some pictures of our little family over the last few months…Happy looking and have a great week!!! 


 They love each other so much!!

~My average weekend nap partners~

 Misha lost his first tooth in the past few months!

 ~Ryan & Misha's First day of 4th Grade and Kindergarten~

 Date night with my favorite guy!!

 ~Madeline's 1st pumpkin patch visit~

 ~I ran my 4th 1/2 marathon~

 ~Ryan loves his sister~

 ~Working on their sharing and play skills~

 ~Mommy-Son date to watch the Oregon Ducks Play~

 Someone can get herself into the sitting position without help!!!

 ~First trip to Disneyland~

Happy Holidays~ Love, The Chellson's