Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another day of making memories!!

Hi everyone....so I am playing catch up for yesterday!! We had a relaxing morning as the start of our day. Beth and Lee headed out to a breakfast date and to scout a church for Easter Sunday services....they found one that is right around the conner we are looking forward to mass on Sunday!! David and I had a quite breakfast at the apartment while I worked on some homework...exciting I know!:) The rest of our day was filled more walking and exploring. We walked into what looked like a very wealthy neighborhood and it was sooo beautiful. Beth and I both decided if we lived in Ukraine that would be the neighborhood we‘d live in! During our walks Beth and I discussed our hopes to come back in the summer sometime. We have only been here for 5 days and are already planning our vacation back for the future!!:) While out walking we received a phone to head over to pick up our referral for Aaron. So we headed to the DAP to pick it up and enjoyed some of the street vendors and all their souvenirs...we didn’t by anything....yet but we’ll be back to do some shopping!;) After all the walking we were all kind of wiped out and anxious to head to bed...so we had another wonderful dinner at the Irish Pub right around the corner from us and then cam home to head back to bed!!
So now it’s time to get up and dressed for the day David and I have been waiting for....we head out to meet our boy in less then 2 and hours!!! So make sure to check in when you wake up in the morning!! Pictures and videos will be up ready for everyone to see!!:)
I hope you all are having a wonderful week...our is about become soooo much better!!!! 

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  1. We are anxiously waiting :)
    (sorry I'm not logged into Blogger)