~Time for Bringing Home Baby C~
December 30, 2013 Committed to Baby C

January 2, 2014 ~ Announced our plans to adopt Baby C

~Timeline for Adopting Misha~
June 3, 2011~ Announced our decision to adopt!

June 15, 2011 ~ Mailed out home-study application to Partners For Adoption

June 16, 2011~ Mailed in our commitment for Aaron with Reece’s Rainbow

June 21, 2011~ Partners for Adoption approved us to start our home-study!

June 28, 2011~ Officially committed to Aaron!

July 13, 2011~ Started our first fundraisers with Gold Canyon Candles and Aaron’s Lucky Stars

July 17, 2011~ First home visit with our social worker

August 9, 2011~ Final home visit with our social worker

September 30, 2011~ Received finalized copies of our home-study!!!!(Please know not all home-studies take this long to finish!)

October 7, 2011~ Sent of I-600a to USCIS!!!!

October 24, 2011~ Received appointment letters from USCIS for our finger prints!! WooHoo….one more step closer!:)

November 8, 2011~ Finger print appointment at 1 o’clock

November 17, 2011~ Received I-171H “Golden Ticket” in the mail!!!                            
Can’t believe this is actually going to happen!!!!

November 19, 2011~ Aaron’s Harvest Hoedown Fundraiser. Another few steps closer to bringing our boy home!!:)

December 1, 2011~ Still working hard on dossier.

January 1, 2011~ Dossier still in progress.

January 25, 2012~ Dossier complete!!!!!

January 26, 2012~ Went to Secretary of States office in Sacramento to apostille dossier papers!

January 27, 2012~ Shipped dossier to Eastern Europe!!:)

January 30, 2012~ Dossier arrived in Eastern Europe....

February 8, 2012~ Dossier Submitted!!!!!!:) 

March 12, 2012~ We have travel dates!!!! The best wake up call I have EVER received!!!:)

March 30, 2012~ The journey begins!! On our way to Ukraine!!!!

March 31, 2012~ Arrived in Ukraine!!

April 2, 2012~ DAP appointment....asked for referral to meet our sweet boy!!

April 3, 2012~ Picked up referral....

April 4, 2012~ MET OUR BOY!!!

April 4-22, 2012~ Daily visits twice a day with Misha

April 10, 2012~ Received court date for April 23rd.

April 23, 2012~ WE PASSED COURT!!!!!

April 24, 2012~ Ten day wait begins....

May 4, 2012~ Picked up court decree and paper chase began!!!! Also I got to take Misha out of the orphanage to get his passport picture taken.

May 10, 2012~ 1st embassy visit and passport pick up!

May 11, 2012~ GOTCHA DAY!!!!!!!!!!! Medical exams and final embassy visit....

May13, 2012~ Said our goodbyes to Ukraine and boarded our plane(s) home!!!   Arrived home and welcomed by wonderful family and friends!!(Truly the BEST mother's day I have ever had!!!!)