Saturday, March 31, 2012

We are here!!!

We made it!!! We have arrived safely in Eastern Europe and I guess it’s time to spill on where in the world we actually are, well.......we are in Ukraine!! And we are so excited to finally be able to walk in the same footsteps as the adoptive families who have come before us and we finally get to experience the country where our sweet little boy is from. I have read and reread about this experience from other parents adopting from here and I can’t really believe it’s actually happening!! This evening we were joined by our close friends Beth and Lee Herrington, and we couldn’t ask for a better couple to be sharing this journey with. We didn’t do to much tonight but we did make it down to Independence Square and checked out the shops above and below ground that are around there, we followed that with dinner at a delicious little pizza place in one of the malls and then headed back to the apartment. Now its time to relax and go to bed. But before I go enjoy the first pictures of our trip!!:)
A view of Independence Square

David and I in Independence Square

CHEERS!! Enjoying our first of many meals together!!:)

Tried our first chocolate bar tonight!


  1. Oh chocolate! Bringing any home? Looks like you had a great evening. Sleep well in your temporary home. Love, Mom, Lizzy and Ryan xoxoxo

  2. awesome! so excited for you all. they have milk in australia too. SO good!

  3. omigosh.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy every single minute...I promise the minute you get home you'll be wishing you were there!

  4. ....brings tears to my eyes! So excited all your perseverance and hard work are rewarding you with such a precious gift!