Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's actually happening!!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to make a quick post and update everyone on our process in the adoption!! We have FINALLY finished our home-study!!!:) We received the big packet in the mail on September 30th! I can honestly say it was such an awesome feeling to come home and find it sitting on our doorstep. It has also made this whole process soooo… much more real! I know I have said that exact statement in the past but now there is no going back, we are doing this and we will have our boy home with his family in the next couple of months!!! It’s so exciting, crazy, scary, and joyous all at the same time! On Friday 10/7/11 we sent in our packet to the USCIS!!!!!!! For most of you, you may not understand but USCIS stands for “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services” and this is where our “golden ticket” comes from. They are the ones who give us the approval to adopt our little boy!! So while we wait for this to be approved we are now working with all systems going. We are preparing our dossier and getting all the needed documents together for that, as well as planning our big fundraiser! On my last post I had talked about our Halloween Costume Ball fundraiser, and unfortunately we have had some changes to that. We were going to hold the fundraiser at our house when we realized that we could not accommodate the large number of people we would be having at the event.... So we have changed everything about the fundraiser! We are now having Aaron’s Harvest Hoedown on November 19th and have new venue to hold our event at! David’s National Guard unit has been so very supportive and kind in allowing us to use their facility; which is WAY bigger then our house and allows us to accommodate everyone!  Soooooo…..if you’re in the mood for hoedown you show join us on November 19th from 6-11. I promise you won’t be disappointed!!

And finally I am working on the fundraiser page. Who knew it would be so hard to figure out! If you are interested in coming to our fundraiser email me at: and I will get all the information to you. If you are my friend on facebook you should have received and event invite on there which has all the details. I am working on some homework for school after I post this and then I will be back to working on the fundraising page…so be on the look out for the fundraiser page in the next day or two!!:)


  1. Sounds like a lot of exciting things are happening... : )

  2. I remember waiting for that golden ticket, it will all come so fast and yet be painstakingly slow too...SO excited for you guys!