Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Give me a F…U…N…D…R…A…I…S…E…R…what does it spell??? FUNDRAISER!!!!!

Who’s ready for some fundraisers??? I sure hope you are! We have two different fundraisers planned to start tomorrow! And we couldn’t be more excited about them!!

The first is “Aaron’s Lucky Stars” we have a jar to fill with Chinese lucky stars that I will make every time someone buys a star. Each start costs $2 dollars and there are different patterns to make stars from. You can donate through the chip-in on our blog or through the Reece’s Rainbow link on the blog and then email me at with how many stars you bought and which patterns you would like your stars to be. This will be an ongoing fundraiser. We want to fill the jar up and keep it in Aaron’s room for us to remember all the wonderful people who helped us bring him home!!:)
Here is the different paper patterns and our jar we hope to fill!
This is what the stars will look like when the are done!!:)

The second fundraiser starts Thursday July 15th and runs through Friday July 29th. David and I have a dear friend who sells Gold Canyon Candles and they are simply wonderful! There are 3 different sizes (26oz/16oz/8oz) to purchase and 15 scents to choose from!! We own a number of these candles and we LOVE them. They last forever and make you house smell amazing!! Our goal is raise $1000 dollars and to sell about 110 candles. I am postting a picture of the candle sizes, scents you can choose from as well as who to make the checks out to. For this fundraiser you CAN NOT use the chip-in or donate through the Reece's Rainbow link. The money come directly to us and when the fundraiser is over David and I will write one large check to Gold Caanyon Candles when we order the candles. For more information about scents and cost please email me at

Thank you in advance for your support and helping bring our little boy home!!


  1. The Gold Canyon Fundraiser, Lending a Hand, also raises money for a Non-Profit Organization called the Prayer Child Foundation. All of Gold Canyons proceeds from every Fundraiser are donated to the Prayer Child Foundation so your order will not only help bring Aaron home but it will help another child in need!

  2. Melissa I LOVE the star idea - what a beautiful reminder of such a special time! Grace is starting to ask for things relating to her adoption, no doubt your handsome son will too!

  3. Bought 2 stars and sent you an email. Cute idea!