Thursday, June 30, 2011

The wait is over.....It's Official!!:)

             As I start to write this blog, I find myself at a loss for where to start since I have so much I want to write about. First for some of our friends and family who are out there that haven’t heard the word. David and I are adopting the cutest little boy named Aaron!! He was born with Down syndrome in a country that does not look kindly towards children who are born with Down syndrome or anything which makes them “different” in there eyes! But all we see is an adorable little boy who needs a forever family to give him love and support to help him blossom into what will surely be nothing short of amazing!!:)
            The last week and a half has been very looong but sooo amazing! I have learned that the adventure we are on there will be a LOT of hurry up and waiting. Which for a person like me is going to be hard, I just have to keep my eyes on what’s important!! So to recap the last week and a half this is how it went: As of Tuesday June 21 we were approved to start our home-study. Then the waiting kicked in on Wednesday 6/22 and lasted until Tuesday 6/28. And on Tuesday June 28 we were officially committed to Aaron!! There is no better way to start your day then to find out that our commitment to this adorable little boy has become official! We are just sitting on cloud 9 with this exciting news, which is why I have waited to write this blog, I needed a day to process this exciting news! We can’t believe that this is actually happening for us, we are so thankful to everyone who has given their words of encouragement to us. It means the world to us to know that we have support out there already! I have been lucky enough to meet a family who is currently in country getting ready to bring their son home and they have been able to tell us a little extra about our little guy which is a HUGE blessing for us. Most families who start this process typically only have the photo and information from Reece’s Rainbow to go off of. Which I think it would be complete torture for any person going through this process. So we are truly blessed to have a little extra info!:)
            Since we have started this process we have heard it referred to as a “paper pregnancy” many time. And the further we get into the adoption I find this to be so true. It maybe longer or shorter (hopefully shorter) than a regular pregnancy and there will be WAY more paper work to fill out and many more ups and downs then you would with a regular pregnancy. But we have already learned it is going to be soooo worth every paper filled out, every up and every down we go through. Aaron is being welcomed into our family with arms open wide and hearts full of love to give! We have found it amazing how much we love this little guy even though we haven’t met him yet! It’s awesome to have this feeling inside of us knowing that we were meant to be his mommy and daddy. I never knew I could love like this and it’s absolutely amazing and wonderful to be finding this out with the two people I love more then anything in the world. I am so privileged and honored to be doing this with my husband and son by my side and we are so excited to see what this road holds for us!

P.S. Keep your eyes out for some of our fundraisers coming up. We can use all the help we can get in getting our little guy home to us!!:)


  1. I am so happy for your family! You all and Aaron are very lucky to be getting each other :)

  2. I am SO excited for you. I know you don't know me but I'm hooked on the Rays' adoption & I've been right there with them hoping for Aaron's adoption. I did what I could (jump start his fund) & hoped with all hope that he'd find his family. I'm glad he has you three! I wish you the best of luck on this adoption journey & I pray it'll go fast!!!

  3. This is SO exciting! We can't wait to see how the process unfolds for you guys!

  4. Great news Melissa, David and Ryan. Aaron is so fortunate to be joining your loving family! Can't wait to get onto the fund raising! Love you all xoxo

  5. Congratulations! I read Aaron's story on the Rays blog and I've been praying he would get a family SOON! I'm so happy!