Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Nervous Nelly Kind Of Day!!

   Nervous is the only word I can use to describe today. Today was the day we had our first home visit with our social worker, and both David and I had no clue what to expect, which made us both nervous nellys!! So as one o’clock rolled around our social worker arrived and was the most wonderful and easy going person!! She made us at ease instantly and the visit was wonderful. We went through the paper work I have finished and the paper work I need to finish, which surprisingly isn’t to much!!:) Our next visit with her is in 3 weeks and I will have everything put together and ready to go. Which means our home-study will be completed within the next month and then it’s onto the next step in getting our little boy home!!!! So as I look at the checklist we have to get done I see I am going to have a very busy three weeks to make sure everything is finished in time!! Please send your prayers our way that I can get everything completed in time!!:)
   Now onto some exciting news…..I posted about our fundraisers on Wednesday  July 13 for Aaron’s Lucky Stars and for our candle fundraiser. In just 4 short days we have raised $120 dollars for Aaron’s Stars and have sold 12 candles so far!! So I have to make 60 stars tonight and will post a picture of them in the jar once I am done making the stars. This fundraiser is going to keep going until we have to leave to get Aaron. And we need to sell at least 98 more jars of candles by  July 29th!!! Sooo please keep spreading the word, I know we can meet our goal with the candles and would LOVE to exceed it. So please share with anybody and everybody you know! We are truly grateful for all the help and support so far and can’t wait to see our little boy home with us!!

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  1. He is certainly a cutie! Will share your story on my fb wall! Prayers for you and your family! :D

    Elk Grove, CA.