Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Weekend Review

   Well the weekend is over and tomorrow it’s back to business! We had a wonderful weekend with family! Friday my beautiful niece Hannah flew in from Minnesota and I can’t believe how much she has grown in the last year. Also my brother James and sister-in-law Brett welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Max in the world!! David and I are so excited to be an auntie and uncle again, and Ryan is happy to have another BOY cousin!! Saturday Ryan and I saw Mary Poppins the play with my Mom and Lizzy. And I must say it was AMAZING!! We had such a good time and Lizzy kept us laughing with her need to dance. She told my mom that the music was in her bones and she just feels it!! Oh how I love that girl!:) And today Ryan and I had a semi lazy day at home since the weather outside is so lousy! Who would have thought that it would be so cold and rainy in June. I pray we see the sun again soon and hopefully it starts feeling like summer!
   I want to thank Beth for putting me in touch with another wonderful family who is currently in country preparing to return home with their wonderful new addition. They have given us some great insight into the process and how things work while you are there. Other then that we don’t really have any new news on the adoption front. I took a little break this weekend and spent time with the family. I'll start my mission again tomorrow! However I did try to find fun and easy ways to fundraise. I found a few I really like but if anyone out there has ideas or ways to help please let me know what they are, I’m open to trying anything to help us bring a child home to us!!
   I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and have a great week!!

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