Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fundraiser Time...........Come Check It Out!!!!!!

HI everyone!!! The time has come where I can officially say we ONLY need 3 papers to be DONE with our dossier!!!!!!! WooooHoooo!!!! The last THREE papers will be done by Friday and then it will be off the Secretary of State office on Monday to get everything apostilled!!!! If you read my last blog post you may recall me talking about this process and how expensive it is. If you didn’t get to read the last blog post, I’ll give you a quick recap…..In the state of California it cost $20 dollars to apostille every single page in our dossier, which makes this one the MOST expensive parts to compiling our dossier!  The final price of having papers apostilled is VERY expensive and will be over $500 dollars!! Sooooo I thought a great way to help us reduce our cost and to get closer to bringing our sweet boy home, we would do a fun fundraiser!!!

Now for the fundraiser details, we asking for a donations in the amount of $20 dollars (this will pay for one page of the dossier to be apostilled)….and for every $20 dollar donation you make, your name will be written on 3 raffle tickets for the chance to win a great prize, which I will talk about next, along with the prize your $20 dollar donation will also add 10 stars to “Aaron’s Lucky Star Jar”!  Now for the fun prize, everyone who donates will have their names placed on raffle tickets and have a chance to win an awesome homemade fleece blanket (picture of the blanket will be posted at the end of this blog) and $50 dollar gift card of your choice!!!

I’m asking you to PLEASE consider helping us, we are getting closer to end and are still in great need of raising funds to bring our boy home. All donations need to be made through our Chip-In and NOT the link to our Reece’s Rainbow page. This will give us immediate access to the money for our trip to the Secretary of State office on Monday!! If you do not have a pay pal account and would rather send us cash or a check please email me at or message me on Facebook and we can work out the details!:)

Thank you in advance for any help you can give us, we are truly grateful for everyone who has supported us in or journey to bring our boy home!!!

And now a picture of the blanket……..


  1. DONE! :)
    Love Aaron's surrogate Uncle, Aunt, and Cousins!!! LOVE YOU GUYS.