Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hi everyone! I just wanted to write and give a quick update on our adoption and talk about something that was brought to my attention last night!
          First an update on our adoption, we are still hard at work compiling our dossier and hope to have all the paperwork together and finished before Thanksgiving!!:) I know some of you may think this is crazy and quick but we have a GREAT notary who is available whenever we need her and the paperwork that will take a little longer to get done has already been taken care of and will be finished within the next week or so!! So our next big wait will be for our “Golden Ticket.” We go in on Tuesday for our fingerprints and then the wait begins for that! Hopefully it won’t be a long wait but we are prepared to wait. This will be the final piece to our dossier; which is exciting and scary all at the same time!! When this is done our final stage of this process will be right at our finger tips….which means traveling to get our boy and becoming a mommy and daddy of 2 kids instead of 1!! So with all this excitement going on we still have to fundraise to get our little guy home. While I have been busy with our dossier I have been working even harder to get ready for our big fundraiser, Aaron’s Harvest Hoedown, it is in just 13 short days!! Which the planning and preparing for the Hoedown have been more stressful on us then the actual adoption process!! We are hoping and praying it will turn out well and bring us the much needed help to get our boy home!! Please check out our fundraising page for more information on the hoedown and keep an eye out for the Christmas ornament fundraiser we will be starting around Thanksgiving.
          Now onto the eye opener I had last night. As most people know David and I have struggled for a number of years trying to have another child of our own. And after a few failed tries with fertility treatments we then realized that if medical intervention wasn’t going to work then it was time to look into other ways to expand our family. We know that some people would most likely live with the fact that they can not have more children and some, like us, would look for others ways to expand their family. With that said, I had my eyes opened up to the side that would not be ok with adopting last night. While at my mom’s house running a Thirty-One party for her, I was explaining why I started selling Thirty-One and how all my profit goes towards our adoption. After explaining everything I was stopped and asked about our adoption and the reason we chose to adopt and after explaining it several different times to these wonderful ladies it hit me. One of them said that they too had thought about adoption, but their husband said “No, I could never love a child that didn’t come from me.” Now I have to tell you this comment does not offend me in any way at all, adoption is not for everyone and I totally understand that. However it was with this comment that I realized, how truly lucky I am. I have a wonderful husband who loves with everything he has. He has never once said no when talks of adoption came up, and then when it was time to make our decision about adopting he was more then ready to go down this road. The money factor scared him a little bit but his fears are slowly being put to rest with every fundraising effort we do!! So my eye opener was one that reminded me to be thankful to have a husband who can love without limits and is willing to walk hand in hand with me down this road!! I love you David and thank you for making me one lucky girl!!:)

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  1. I think you are both lucky to have eachother. This brought tears to my eyes - I am so happy for you. I believe this journey will make you both stronger in spirit and softer in heart. Take care and keep faith. :)