Saturday, August 2, 2014

Time for an update

Happy Saturday Everyone!!! I hope this post finds you all doing well. I want to first apologize for my lack of blogging…Things have been a little crazy and sitting and writing hasn’t come to me like it did in our last adoption travels. In my last post I wrote about an Instagram auction and the fact that we have got our travel date. So as you can guess we are currently in country finalizing the process of adopting Baby ‘C’…We got here on the 23rd of July and have been going ever since. We had our appointment to get her referral on the 24th, which went well, and went back to pick up the referral on the 25th. Unfortunately we weren’t able to go over to the orphanage that afternoon because the director was on vacation and wouldn’t be back until Monday…so we played tourist all weekend (I’ll post pictures below) with another family and had so much fun!! Monday came and we were picked up around noon and went off to the notary office to have some papers made up and then headed to the orphanage. Here’s where it gets a little wild….When we arrived at the orphanage we were told we’d be going over to the hospital since Baby ‘C’ had been taken there that morning for “rash” caused by her dermatitis/eczema. Before we went to the hospital we met with the director, social worker and our facilitator…we were given all her medical information which overall is good. She’s had heart surgery, has dermatitis/eczema, and few other minor needs….she weighs around 17lbs. and has some serious meat on her bones. Which makes this mommy’s heart happy. After we found out all the family and medical history we were whisked off to the hospital to meet her. Y’all (yes, I’m using my southern twang here…haha) we are soo in love with this girl it’s not even funny!!! They brought her our and she was more amazing then I could have ever imagined!!! She has SUPER blonde hair, and big blue eyes and just beautiful. We cuddled with her for about 10/15 minutes before we had to give her back to the nurse and we gave the absolute YES we are for sure adopting her!!! The only downer to all of this is we can not visit until she is out of the hospital…she will be back to the orphanage sometime this weekend and we’ll hopefully get the go ahead to visit monday morning. :)) Over the last week we’ve been exploring and enjoying this amazing city 2 of our 3 children are from and I am falling more in love with this place then I did in our first adoption. Thursday we met with our facilitator to sign some papers and were given a run down of what was going on….our facilitator is trying to get the same judge we had for our first adoption BUT she is going on Vacation on August 11th….so this means if she says yes we could have court as early as FRIDAY!!!! The only iffy part is the paperwork they submit to the Ministry or Adoption (I’m not totally sure if that’s what it’s called…but it works(: ) typically takes TWO weeks to finish…IF we have court friday we would need the Ministry to finish our papers in ONE WEEK AND TWO DAYS!!!!! This would make us the fastest adoption ever to be done here in this city and would cut a HUGE amount of time off our finalization process!! So, if you have a second please say a prayer, send good vibes, think happy thoughts or whatever you may do to allow this to all happen fast and easy!! We’d be forever grateful and thankful if this played out the way we’ve been told. 

So now you’re all caught up to speed!!! Once we start visiting I’ll have more to write about and once we find out some news I’ll update!! We hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!! 



Pictures from our outings...
The remaining encampment from the recent revolution.

 One our favorite places to eat.

 The entrance to the SCARIEST elevator ride I've ever taken at our first apartment.

 Our favorite crepe place.

 "Lady on a Stick" as she is know around here..

 St. Andrews beautiful!!

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