Monday, May 26, 2014

~A Quick Post After The Long Weekend~

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!! This three day weekend was much need after our big fundraiser...We kicked this weekend off with a bang with our fundraiser on Friday night. The fundraiser was a success and we enjoyed the evening surrounded with people who are just as excited as we are to bring our little lady home. The evening also brought us a HUGE step closer to being full funded!! We still have a little bit of fundraising left to do but I’m still riding cloud nine and feeling thankful for the support we had on Friday night. Now I would love to post pictures from the evening buuuut I didn’t take one single picture with my phone or camera. I know some friends took some with their phones which I’m thankful for but I feel so lame for missing out on pictures but at least I have the memories. :)) 

So now where do we go from here you ask?... Well we have one last paper that should be coming in this week and hopefully we’ll be submitted next week (fingers crossed for that) and then we wait for a date. And now its a push to finish our fundraising...we are working on setting up another Instagram auction which was a HUGE success when we did back in January. Our friends have plans to hold another fundraiser for us towards the end of June and hopefully these things can get us to our goal in time to travel. 

So other then that news it’s still the same old craziness around here. Baseball is finally winding down and we are in playoff mode for Ryan’s team...I have signed up to play softball for the next few tuesday’s which has been fun and a reminder of just how old I am getting. LoL We are also just 10 short days away from the school year being finished and then we all get to sleep in again!!! Yay for sleep!!!! :))) This week we have some special littles coming to visit while their mommy and daddy travel to meet their new brothers and I can’t wait to hang out with them!!

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday weekend and remember to thank those who gave all so we could live free!! 

Write To You Soon,


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