Thursday, January 9, 2014

A little something about some AWESOME fundraisers!!!

Hey, Hey, Hey Everyone!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, I know we sure are!! I also hope that if you reading this from one of the states that is dealing with the crazy cold weather that you are staying warm and cozy and out of the cold!! This week has been a busy one...the boys started back to school and David started some of his “honey do” projects that we’ve been talking about getting done. But that’s not what I writing about tonight...this past week I have seen the true kindness, generosity and support come in from complete strangers and some of my closest friends and I blown away by it all...If you are new to the adoption world the first thing you should know is most adoptions are funded through fundraisers...some are financially able to adopted without raising funds but we are not one of those lucky few...our reality is we do not have 20 or so thousand dollars sitting in our back pocket just waiting to be used...we need help to bring our sweet Baby C home and this is why we have to fundraise. This past week, two of my dearest friends have begun to start and plan some seriously awesome fundraisers for us. And these ladies are so amazing for taking the time out of their busy lives to help us get our girl home!!

So here is the FIRST actual fundraiser of our adoption....One of my dearest friends Shelly Ray (whom some know is the reason we adopted Misha) has started a puzzle fundraiser...$5 dollars buys you a piece to a puzzle she has had made up for us and she will write any message on the back of the piece from you to our sweet Baby C....once it is completed and placed in Baby C’s room we will have a beautiful reminder of how much love was put into her coming home!! :)) If you would like to participate in this fundraiser here’s what you do: FIRST click here--> Our FSP (it links you to our Reece’s Rainbow page where you can donate) Second click here--> Shelly's Facebook and send Shelly a quick note that you donated to our FSP (the link from Reece’s Rainbow) and whatever message you want on the puzzle piece. Thank you in advance for helping means more then words can express that we have your support!! 

Our SECOND fundraiser is being put together by Beth Herrington (whom most will remember was my partner in crime while we finalized our adoptions in Ukraine together and is family to us.). This auction is set to begin next Saturday the 18th @ will be an online auction (via Instagram) and has some seriously AMAZING handmade/made with love items...For example a wonderful lady has made and donated fabulous scarves, hats, dresses for girls and outfits for boys, and the list of her goodies goes on...and I literally just received a text from Beth of a photo from another amazing lady who is making a hand-stitched sign with one of my favorite sayings (* has to do with Ohana). The way this auction will work is we will post pictures to a specific profile on instagram and each picture will be listed with a starting bid and it will be a bidding war until the auction closes 48 hours after it starts!! Once the auction closes we will send invoices to all the winners and once the invoices have been paid the item will be sent to you. I will post the link to the auction here on the blog aaannnddd on my facebook page here --> My Facebook     . 

The THIRD fundraiser we are working on is going to be a BIG one....our plans are in the beginning stages still buuuut clear a space you calendar for the BEST Cinco De Mayo party you’ve ever experienced!!! Our plan is to hold it on either the first (5/2 or 5/3) or second (5/9 or 5/10) weekend in May. We have ideas of a taco bar, a bar filled with beer and margaritas, chips-n-salsa, and all things Cinco De Mayo related!!! Definitely stay tuned for more details in the next few weeks!!! 

I want to thank you all for taking a few minutes out of your night/day to read this and a BIG thank you to anyone who participates in our fundraisers... your help can not just be summed up with a simple thank you, it means so much to us to have family, friends, and complete strangers helping us get our sweet Baby C home to her family who is very excited for her arrival!! Your generosity truly is wonderful!! 



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