Sunday, January 6, 2013


Inspiration comes in many forms...for some it’s reading, seeing, hearing something that motivates them to do something creative...however sometimes it’s not what someone says, writes or does that is inspiring...sometimes it’s the person themselves that is an inspiration....well in my last blog post I wrote about running a half marathon....I have always wanted to run one and after hearing some news this summer I found my inspiration do it....I want you all to meet someone very special....

This is Chloe
She is the daughter of our dear friends Beth and Lee Herrington....Chloe is two and half years old and has Down syndrome. She is the life of the party and a true shinning star.....This past summer it was confirmed that Chloe has Leukemia....when I heard the news from Beth, I thought how in the world could this be?! Chloe reminds me so much of my little sister and I see the same fight, determination, spirit and sassiness in her that my little sister Lizzy has. Knowing that the road ahead of them would be long Beth and Lee jumped in head first and Chloe started Chemo in August...she has completed 4 out the 6 rounds and is headed in this week to start round 5.....she has pulled through every treatment with flying colors and leaves the doctors stunned constantly...the days they expect her to be feeling her worst, they walk in her room to find her dancing to a ‘gangnam style’ video or many of her other favorite pop songs...(Chloe does have her yucky days but they are nothing like what they were told to prepare for)...Chloe’s story has touched so many people and she inspires people daily....and she IS my inspiration for running.

(Here's Chloe at home for Christmas with her family....A true super start in my book!!)

Thanks to Chloe I have run further then I ever thought I possibly could and every time I want stop to walk I think about the fact that Chloe has only one choice and that's to fight and this keeps me running on.....So on January 20th at theTinkerBell Half Marathon I will be running for Chloe...I won’t be alone in my run as my mom has been training to run this half marathon with me......I am so excited to do something so amazing with my mom by my side, to be able to show my boys that all it takes is a little inspiration and you can reach any goal. I have Chloe to thank for showing me that if a two and half year old can fight cancer with a smile on her face then I can run 13.1 miles with a smile on my face!!
I hope you all find something that inspires you and makes you a better person. Thank you Chloe for showing me that life isn’t about the material things, it’s about the strength we have within us and the will to live each day to the fullest!!


  1. Melissa, you brought tears of joy to my eyes, im not fortunate enough to have seen Chloe in person, but her spirit inspires me too. Ill be cheering you and your Mom on from Oklahoma! This made my day! I hadnt seen the first pictue of Chlod, its supercalilisticfragialoudoucious , or however that goes! Run like the wind Melissa, Godspeed! Edna

  2. Yay! Go Melissa! I'm cheering you on from Elk Grove!